The Riko Method

What is The Riko Method Los Angeles Campus?

We have taught over 20,000 lessons in LA Campus, improving the teaching materials and teacher training program.

What is The Riko Method Online Campus?

We offer all our original lesson curriculum material online. Teachers will have access to the pages, training video, and lesson record system.


I play piano but not yet a teacher. Can I use The Riko Method?

Yes. Our step-by-step training video is perfect for self-taught teacher candidates.

I am a brand new teacher. Can I use The Riko Method?

Yes. This program will help you build your studio to the next stage.

I am an experienced teacher. Can I use The Riko Method?

Yes. The program has a “customization option” to include your other teaching material. We also have advanced repertoire inventory, coming up!

What is unique about The Riko Method?

The Riko Method cultivates students’ minds. They will develop the urge to construct thoughts and want to come for more.

Can The Riko Method help with lesson plans?

Our books ARE your lesson plans. Every page is in the order for appropriate progression.

Is there any teacher support from The Riko Method?

Yes. Training videos, online workshops, master classes, email communication, are available.


How can I become a The Riko Method student?

Ask your teacher to become a The Riko Method teacher, or we can introduce you to The Riko Method teachers online or in person.


Do you have books for beginners only?

We believe in mindful first-year piano lessons and beyond, covering theory, exercises, and repertoire.

Can we teach students to read?

Yes. Our drills are more like games. We present musical notation with its graphic and linguistic aspects.

Does The Riko Method teach chords?

Yes. Students can start enjoying sing-along from day one.

What is a “game-like curriculum”?

Not repetitive, no rote memorization. We ask for students’ strategies.

Is The Riko Method equipped to teach advanced students?

Yes. Our goal is to give students study habits and techniques that can be used for advanced repertoire.


What is a “lesson record”?

Assignment book pages and practice reports automatically updated every lesson. Comment space and grading icons are available.

We can see how much students practice?!

Yes. Isn’t that awesome?

What is your point system?

We honor 5 points for new teacher referral and 1 point each per month for The Riko Method student signup. Points can be redeemed by attending/hosting study events.

What is the cost?

$40/month membership fee for teachers and $5/month subscription for students. Cancel any time.

Having Issues with Online Campus?

Please contact